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The best 2D animation service solutions begins with creativity and passion. ASBA Digital is a multidisciplinary multimedia animation solutions company delivering the best in animation and design solutions. As the best ASBA Digital company in India, our philosophy is to channelize the creativity of a multi-faceted team of creators and designers, driven by the power of imagination and technology, and bring out the best results beyond the expectations of our clients. 

Motivated by a desire to amuse the creative sector for more than ten years

For more than ten years, animation has led the global market in creating top-notch entertainment and gaming content for families and kids across a variety of media and platforms.

2D Animation

Animation is a ASBA Digital animation studio that employs skilled and knowledgeable animators. To produce high-quality animation with appropriate content, we provide 2D animation outsourcing services. Our 2D animation production company has extensive experience and specialized software to flawlessly refine any idea.


2D Animation is a corporation that explores innovative approaches to create and present the most exciting virtual environments. Top-tier video game businesses appreciate and promote our extraordinary game projects and vibrant artwork, for which we always go above and beyond.


Partnership with disney ensures that our clients receive
first-class animation development services at every stage.


We provide fruitful and long-term cooperation for an average of 6+ years with each client.


Our clients are included in Forbes
TOP 30 Video Animation Publishers in the world.

Our Clients

Motion Graphic 01

Our 2D motion graphics services for corporations are the ideal answer! Our talented team of artists and designers can turn your ideas into eye-catching animations that will enthrall your viewers.

02 Animation Development

Based on our experience working on over 30 successful projects for partners and releasing our own animation, we provide a wide spectrum of video animation graphics and development services for fun projects.

2D Animation 03

Explore the limitless possibilities of ASBA Digital. Team ASBA Digital creators provide the highest caliber 2D animation services by utilizing the newest, most advanced technologies.

How we work?

1. Consultation

We have a brief discussion to go over your intents, including your goals, the reason for the production, and the budget before beginning our 2D animation process. After that, we align your production wish list with your budget and include our recommendations.

2. Project Managed

There’s no need to worry about being hands-on, creative, or suddenly needing to be an expert in animation, motion graphics, or scriptwriting because every production is fully supervised and directed! We will handle the entire process on your behalf!

3. Asset Creation

We begin full production after all preliminary elements, such as the storyboard, concept art direction, and script, are accepted. All graphics elements, such as the previously stated 2D characters and environments, must be created.

4. Animation

After that, we either animate the scenes as two-dimensional animations or, if needed, add motion graphics, titles, and text. Since many processes happen in simultaneously, we post-process sequences and add any extra effects and color grading while we develop the assets and animate each scene.


John Deo Designation

Animation flexibility and willingness to work quickly despite all issues resulted in a successful product upon first review. They produced good work, and the end product has positive reviews and no major crashes. They provided good feedback, and weren't afraid of making suggestions that would improve the end product.

James Martin Designation

"We collaborated with ASBA Digital for our firstlchildren's picture book. We are thrilled with the results. Staff was responsive to requests and questions. We will be collaborating on many more books in the future. We highly recommend ASBA Digital. Thank you for being part of our journey!"

Jennfier Dune Designation

It was a pleasure working with ASBA Digital Games. They re very professional and understand the slot business very well. On top of that they had good suggestions regarding the animations and art style which we incorporated into our games. |will definitely work with them in the future.


Why Choose Us

1. Expertise:

The talented animators on our team have years of expertise producing engaging 2D cartoons. We guarantee that your message is effectively communicated because we are adept at the subtleties of visual storytelling and communication.

2. Creativity:

Every project benefits from the ingenuity and inventiveness of our skilled animators, who make sure your story is presented in an interesting and captivating way.

3. Customization:

We take great satisfaction in the imaginative way we approach animation. We can customize our approach to fit your brand and target audience, whether you’re looking for a sophisticated corporate video or a playful cartoon.

4. Affordability:

High-quality animation should not be extremely expensive. We provide competitive pricing without sacrificing the caliber of our output.

5. Client Satisfaction:

Our clients’ satisfaction is our top focus. We prioritize candid feedback and open communication to make sure the final product both meets and surpasses expectations.

2D animation is the art of creating movable characters, objects, and backgrounds in the two-dimensional space with the help of special tools like Spine, Toon Boom, After Effects, etc.
The illusion of movement is created with a quick sequence of drawings over time. 1 second of animation usually contains 24 shots with a few changes to display the movement of characters or other objects on the scene. 2D animation is mainly observed in television shows, video games, feature films, advertisements, mobile apps or websites.

Today, you can hire a 2D animator very quickly – you just type a request in a web browser, and many results appear on your screen. You can apply to freelancing, recruitment or outsourcing services. So, you can cooperate with animators on a full-time basis, fixed price, or hourly rates.
These specialists can be remotely available or be part of your in-house teams – it’s totally up to you.
No matter what engagement model you choose, there are several aspects you should pay attention to when hiring a 2D animator – a solid skillset and a rich portfolio. However, it isn’t always the key important factor.

In general, depending on the scope of work, different 2D animations costs can be estimated The more complex 2D animation is, the more hours it will take, and, as a result, the more money you’ll pay for it. To find out the final cost, consider the hourly rates of 2D animators in different markets, such as the US, Europe and India.
Most American animation companies charge $100 – $149 or $150 – $199 per hour, most European companies offer 2D animation services at the hourly rates between $25 and $100. In Asia, you can hire a 2D animator for $25 – $49 per hour. Now, you can calculate the 2D animation cost on your own if you know that it takes about 10 hours to create a simple 2D animation. So, in the USA, it will cost you about $1,000, in Europe – $600, and in Asia – $400.

In addition to hiring full-time 2D animators at the office, you are lucky today. Due to active globalization, you get unlimited access to talent pools around the world – in the USA, Europe, Asia, etc. More and more companies outsource 2D animation services for many reasons.
Firstly, operating costs are reduced – no need to rent an office, pay for office equipment and cover many other expenses.

Outsourcing also leads many business companies to increased efficiency on the market as you trust specific functions to experts with considerable expertise in the required area. So, if the animation isn’t your specialization, outsource services to a reliable 2D animation production company and focus on your core functions – business development, sales promotion, etc.

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